MR Tags

MR stands for Maproulette, MR Tags are tags that are internal to MapRoulette, and they are used in special cases, and usually the task instructions will tell you when to use them. You can ignore them if not. It lets the creator of the challenge group and filter the tasks users complete in custom ways.

When you complete a task, you can now add a MapRoulette-specific tag to the task. Currently, you cannot search for these tags in MapRoulette, but they do appear in the CSV and GeoJSON task exports the Challenge owner can download. That makes them particularly interesting for Challenge owners. Say, for example, you have a challenge in an area where you know there may not be enough high-quality imagery available for mappers to complete all the tasks successfully. You can ask mappers to add a tag when they encounter that situation, for example bad-imagery. Later, when you download the tasks export, you can analyze the tags and find out which areas didn’t have good enough imagery (and start an OpenDroneMap + OpenAerialMap project there 🙂 )

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