Following other Users

MapRoulette supports basic Following capability whereby users can follow other users to easily keep abreast of their MapRoulette activity. While all MapRoulette activity is public, the activity of users you follow is pulled together into a single activity timeline for easy viewing. Following is currently managed through the optional Follow widget on the Dashboard page.

Get started by visiting the Dashboard page and adding the Follow widget if you havenโ€™t already. There are three tabs: Activity, Following, and Followers.

  • The Activity tab shows all MapRoulette activity from users you are following. By default, similar consecutive activity entries are grouped together into a single item with a count. You can uncheck the โ€œGroupโ€ option if you wish to see a separate item in the timeline for each recorded activity entry.

  • The Following tab allows you to view the users you are following, unfollow them, and follow additional users.

  • The Followers tab shows users who are following you, and contains options to follow them back or even block them (and unblock them). Blocked users will continue to see that they are following you, but will no longer see your activity in their Activity tab. Note, however, that MapRoulette activity is public so they may still discover aspects of your activity through other areas of the site.

Disallowing All Followers

If you do not wish anyone to be able to follow you, you can visit your User Settings and set the Allow Following option to No. Itโ€™s also possible to block individual followers via the Follow widget on the Dashboard page (see above).

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