Solving Multiple Tasks Together

Many MapRoulette Challenges have Tasks that are geographically so close together that it is more efficient to solve multiple close Tasks together as if it were one Task. MapRoulette offers a workflow for this since version 3.4.2.

To use the Multiple Tasks workflow, you need to add the Multi-Task Work Widget to your Task screen. To do this, click Edit Layout in the right top corner of your Task screen, and use the Add Widget dropdown menu to add add it to your Layout.

You may want to create a separate Layout just for Multi-Task work to further optimize your mapping workflow. Hereโ€™s an example where you see the Multi-Task Widget and the regular Map Widget side by side. Such a Layout allows you to see the Task youโ€™ve been assigned, while at the same time having visibility on other Tasks that are close together:

The Multi-Task window lets you select multiple tasks either using the Task list or by clicking the markers on the minimap. Here we have a few tasks that are close together selected:

The Task Completion section will now offer two options, either Complete Together or Cancel Selection. If you click Complete Together, the Task map will show all the task features that you selected in the Multi-Task Widget, the separate Tasks are now bundled into one Task.

Solving this Bundled Task works the same as solving a single Task. If you change your mind, the Multi-Task Widget offers the option to Unbundle the Tasks.

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