Keyboard Shortcuts for Task Completion

A number of keyboard shortcuts are available when completing tasks. The latest shortcuts can always be seen for the current step by expanding the More Options box in the sidebar and then clicking View Keyboard Shortcuts.

At the time of writing, the following shortcuts are available:

+Zoom in map
-Zoom out map
0Fit map to task features
sToggle task features layer
oToggle OSM data layer (takes a moment to load)
eEdit in Id
rEdit in JOSM
tEdit in new JOSM layer
yEdit just task features in JOSM
vEdit in Level0
aEdit in RapiD
qNot an issue
fI fixed it 1
dToo difficult / couldn’t see 1
xAlready fixed 1
ESCCancel editing 1
hPrevious Task 2
lNext Task 2

Confirmation Step

  • The comment box will now automatically receive focus so you can immediately begin typing your comment
  • [Shift]-Enter submits confirmation

  1. shortcut is only available after editing has been initiated

  2. shortcut is only available if task has an existing status or is being reviewed by challenge owner

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