Help Us Translate Our Documentation

We need translators to help us make MapRouletteโ€™s Documentation available in multiple languages.

Just like the Maproulette site, if you are multi-lingual and would like to contribute, please visit our Transifex Page

How Do I Access The Transifex Interface?

Simply go to our Explore Page and sign up.

How Do I Request a New Language?

Go to the Languages Page and click Edit Languages. Select the language you wish to add and click Apply.

How Do I Translate?

Go to the Translate Page and in the header, select the target language you would like to help translate.

When Will I See My Contributions on the Documentation Site?

Once your contributions are submitted and reviewed, the development team will update the translation files of the documentation site. Typically the deployment cadence is once a month.

Your support is appreciated, as this will create more access to community contribution to MapRoulette.

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