System-Notice Management

MapRoulette supports the display of system notices – such as notice of upcoming maintenance – through a simple external JSON file that can be hosted anywhere (including a GitHub repo). You simply need to specify the URL to the file in the REACT_APP_SYSTEM_NOTICES_URL .env configuration variable.

The JSON file should represent a single object with a top-level notices array of notice objects. Any other top-level fields are ignored.

Each notice object should contain a message field, ISO 8601 formatted expirationTimestamp field in UTC, and a uuid field that uniquely identifies the notice.

Example JSON:

  "notices": [
      "message": "A first notice. Maintenance is planned.",
      "expirationTimestamp": "2019-08-01T17:00:00Z",
      "uuid": "b98da355-a5e9-44b4-8a20-a5034d704de5"
      "message": "A second notice. Important things are happening",
      "expirationTimestamp": "2019-08-04T15:00:00Z",
      "uuid": "94aef98e-bf9f-46a6-a860-85e62498ae3d"

Only future notices are displayed to users, based on each notice’s expirationTimestamp. Logged-in users are given the option of acknowledging/dismissing each notice, and will not be shown the notice again once acknowledged.

The message may contain markdown.

If you are creating a notice by hand, you may wish to take advantage of an online UUID generator such as

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